10.1" Touch Screen

Design & Zero Turn

 Speed Control

 Full Coverage of
Blind Areas

 3 Levels of
Scrubbing Pressure

Detergent Usage

 15° (26%) Gradeability with
Full Load

 Ergonomic Design

Suited to Various Cleaning Needs

Suited to 

Various Cleaning Needs

15° (26%) Gradeability with Full Load

Compact Design & Zero Turn

Surface Recognition

Superb Cleaning Effectiveness

Ultimate Cleaning Effectiveness

· Up to 5590㎡/h Cleaning Speed 

· 3 Levels of Brush Pressure

· ECO/Standard/Power Modes Supported 

· Customizable Preset Cleaning Mode

· Activate  the Optimal Cleaning Solution with 1 Tap


Human-centered Design, Our Relentless Pursuit

Human-centered Design,
Our Relentless Pursuit

Operation Guide

· Operation guide provided upon power-on.

· 10.1” touch screen for operation convenience.

· Wearing parts are highlighted and can be quickly replaced.

Ergonomic Design

· Large storage space and adjustable cushioned seat.

· Suitable floor height.

· Adjustable power steering.

Environmentally Friendly

· The ECO mode is provided to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

· Complete charging in just four hours and then automatically power off.

Easy Operation

· The tanks are equipped with liquid level sensors.

· Automatically lift the squeegee when reversing.

Your Safety, Our Priority

Your Safety, Our Priority

· Turning speed limit

· Auto hold on slopes

· Full coverage of blind areas

· Traceable operation log 

Durability Comes from High Quality

Durability Comes From High Quality

Brushless motors

require low maintenance 

Lithium-ion battery 

with an extra-long service life

Dedicated After-sales Service

Dedicated After-sales Service

 Multi-region on-site support

 Customizable after-sales package

Extensive Application Scenarios

Extensive Application Scenarios

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Structural Specs

  • Size (L × W × H)
    1600 * 940 * 1400 mm

  • Net Weight

    284 kg

  • IP Rating


  • Driving Mode

    Two rear-wheel drive

  • Noise Level

    <80 dBA

  • Maximum Speed

    6.5 km/h

  • Full Load Gradeability

    15° (26%)

  • Minimum Turning Radius

    1211 mm

Cleaning Specs

  • Cleaning Width
    860 mm

  • Cleaning Speed
    5590 ㎡/h

  • Fresh Water Tank

    120 L

  • Waste Water Tank

    140 L

  • Detergent Tank

    5  L

Disk Brush Specs

  • Type

    Double disk brushes

  • Brush Speed

    200 rpm

  • Down Pressure

    60/90/110 kg

  • Diameter

    406 mm

Battery Specs

  • Battery Type


  • Charging Time

    4 hrs

  • Battery Life

    3.5 hrs


  • Reverse Warning

  • OTA Update

  • Power-on Self-test

  • Liquid Level Sensors

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