Our Debut in Romania
Thro was developed specifically to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, viruses and germs.

Company intriduction: Together with Bucharest Robots, Thor UVC Disinfection Robots were deployed to schools in Oradea, Romania

Client's needs: To help protect their studens from germs and viruses, regular disinfection is needed especially because children are a vulnerable group. Deep disinfection is required daily but due to manpower shortage, it's difficult to meet this demand.

Sveabot's solution: Thor is scheduled to deeply disinfect all the classrooms and common areas at night. With 6 UVC lamps, it is able to cover large areas quickly and provide 360° coverage. In addition, daily reports are automatically generated which help to give parents and students a peace of mind.   

Sojitz Corporation in Tokyo Japan
Sif and Thor were hired to automate the disinfection process and to boost employee morale