Mianyang Airport
With it's long battery life and ultra-fast charging, our spray disinfection robot is the best choice to keep passengers safe 24/7

Company Introduction: Opened in 2001, Mianyang Airport is the second largest airport in it's region. It's 26,000 m2 terminal is designed to welcome 2 million passengers annually.

Client's needs: The airport's large terminal is spacious and requires regular disinfection (4 times a day) to keep passengers and airport staff safe.  Mianyang Airport would like the Spray Disinfection Robot to take over the tedious task of around the clock  disinfection so that their airport staff are able to focus on their regular duties.

Sveabot's solution: With our specialised app, the Spray Disinfection Robot's tasks are scheduled in advance and it starts work daily; without any help or reminders.  With it's long battery life, the Spray Disinfection Robot only needs to be charged 3 times a day.

Sveabot's products: Spray Disinfection Robot


Arup Group
Arup's geologist team used FJD Trion S1 3D Scanner to scan and utilise point clouds for slope design.